Revolutionary Equipment for Poultry Barn Operations
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Barn Boss is built for Poultry Barn Operations

Save time

With our Barn Boss, you’ll save time when you most need it, while serving your farm needs. 

Labor reduction

Our product reduces your labor needs. Improve productivity and perform the job of two employees with just one.

Equipped for tools

Learning how to use our product takes just a few minutes, and everything you need for daily repair is already on-board.

Operator satisfaction

Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll have safer and happier employees that will stay on task longer.

Better visibility

Our product allows your employees to have outstanding 360° Vision on the job.

Emphasis on safety

Minimize compensation claims from employees getting injured on the job.

How it Works


8 years ago, two turkey farmers thought there had to be an easier way to do chores in the barns. They started thinking about what could be built that would make their days of carrying birds or pulling a wheel barrel full of birds come to an end. They sat down and started brain-storming about what would work and what would not. Coming up with a list of things they thought would work and the things they didn’t want they had a plan. One of the farmers' father was a retired engineer who had some spare time on his hands. With the three of them working together they came up with the first Barn Boss™.

It was a ground-breaking day when they pulled the Barn Boss™ in the barn for the first time. They knew they had made something very special for the industry. After running the first machine for a year or so they went back to the shop to make improvements for the next two machines they were about to build.


"Takes away 90% of the aggravation of raising turkey's, I also believe it is better for the welfare of the birds."
Glen Olson, Parkers Praire, Minnesota
"Barn Boss has cut down on labor and helped with us becoming more efficient turkey farmers"
Mike Anhalt, Canby, Minnesota
"Barn Boss is the greatest invention sense the skid loader for raising turkey's, I think these will be in every turkey barn in the next 5 to 10 years."
Gary Olson, Parkers Praire, Minnesota
"It gives you the energy to make sure you can get everything done, It is like having 2 extra employee's"
Ronny, Peral Creek Colony, South Dakota
"It gives us more time to watch the health of the birds and also time to keep the daily barn maintenance up to our standards."
Ruben Waldner, Riverside Colony, South Dakota


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