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The Barn Boss Story

8 years ago, two turkey farmers thought there had to be an easier way to do chores in the barns. They started thinking about what could be built that would make their days of carrying birds or pulling a wheel barrel full of birds come to an end. They sat down and started brain-storming about what would work and what would not. Coming up with a list of things they thought would work and the things they didn’t want they had a plan. One of the farmers' father was a retired engineer who had some spare time on his hands. With the three of them working together they came up with the first Barn Boss™.

It was a ground-breaking day when they pulled the Barn Boss™ in the barn for the first time. They knew they had made something very special for the industry. After running the first machine for a year or so they went back to the shop to make improvements for the next two machines they were about to build.

Each of the next two machines were built better and stronger; and along with the changes and improvements, the wonderful benefits of the Barn Boss™ really began to become clear: It saved them time, gave them more energy, and most importantly it gave them more time for taking care of the birds. Everyone in this business knows it's all about the birds, and by taking away the stress of doing chores they have greatly improved how they raise turkeys.

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